Spherical Lenses

As a lens manufacturer with extensive knowledge and experience in making motion picture lenses, Vantage is perfectly placed to design outstanding individual glass that meet specific needs on the set. These special optics are essential tools and round out our ability to provide truly complete camera packages for any circumstance.

Vantage One T1

A unique line of high performance T1 prime cine lenses that deliver images with distinct personality.


Hawk 10-24mm/T2.5 Super Wide Angle Zoom

The Hawk 10-24mm/T2.5 offers an extremely high image quality and compares in speed, weight, and size to currently available fixed focal length lenses.


Hawk 10-24mm Super Wide Angle Zoom Lens (PDF)

Vantage 17-35mm/T2.8 Zoom

The Vantage 17-35mm/T2.8 Zoom can focus up to 28cm (11”) – closer than any other zoom lens available.


Hawk 17-35mm Zoom Lens (PDF)

Hawk 150-450mm/T2.8 Telephoto Zoom

High Speed Telephoto Zoom Lens that you can quickly change it from a 150-450mm/T2.8 to a 100-300mm/T2.2.


Hawk 150-450mm Telephoto Lens (PDF)

Vantage 6mm Fisheye

The Vantage 6mm Fisheye has the largest angle of view in the industry (220°).


Vantage 6mm Fisheye (PDF)

Vantage 0.7x Reducer

The Vantage 0.7x Reducer can be combined with many Telephoto Lenses and Periscopes. It gains one full stop more light.


Vantage 0.7x Reducer (PDF)

Vantage Macro Lenses

Vantage Macro Lenses combine legendary Leica glass with precision mechanics and robust construction.


Vantage Macro Lenses (PDF)

These exclusive products are designed, manufactured, and rented by Vantage.

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