Vantage Camera Packages

  • Complete camera packages with all the extras
  • Newest gear from the best manufacturers in the business
  • Deep and varied equipment list backed up by technical know how
  • Experience, feedback, and strong industry relationships drive product improvements
  • Modifications unique to Vantage that exceed original manufacture performance


Vantage Camera Packages (PDF)

Vantage Lenses

  • Extensive selection of glass built around the signature Hawk Anamorphic Lenses and the acclaimed Vantage One T1 spherical lenses
  • Complete coverage of every other professional lens system, including Angénieux, Arri, Century, Cooke, Leica, and Zeiss
  • Unique Vintage glass collection, including Bausch & Lomb, Canon, Cooke, Kinoptik, Kowa, and Zeiss lenses from the 60s, 70s, and older.
  • Special lens collection of snorkels, periscopes, macros, image shakers, and low-angle prisms


Vantage Lens Table (PDF)

Vantage Optical Tools

  • Huge selection of diopters, including our innovative Slender, Slide, Spot, Strip, and Squeeze diopters
  • Constant development of high-quality diopters and filters


Vantage Filter Overview (PDF)