Hawk V‑Plus Front Anamorphic Zoom Lenses 1.3x

Cinematographers should have anamorphic zoom lenses that deliver the same outstanding performance and look as anamorphic primes, and the Hawk 1.3x Front Anamorphic Zoom Lenses combine the unique, cinematic visual characteristics of Hawk 1.3x Prime Lenses with the convenience and variable focal length of zoom lenses.

Hawk® Squeeze Front Anamorphic Zooms

Technical Data

Hawk V-Plus Front Anamorphic Zoom Lenses 1.3x SQUEEZE

Hawk V-Plus Zooms Anamorphics 1.3x SQUEEZE  – Technical Data

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.



hawk-v-plus-1.3x-front-anamorphic-zoom-lenses.pdf (PDF)


Hawk V-Plus/V-Lite 1.3x Technical Data (PDF)