Hawk V‑Lite Vintage´74 1.3x

Combining the unique 1.30x squeeze factor with the distinct 1970s look. The versatile Hawk V‑Lite 1.3x lenses either use the full 16:9 sensor area for wide-screen release or the entire 4:3 sensor for 16:9 television. The Hawk V‑Lite Vintage’74 lenses have certain gentle aberrations and other characteristics that might be considered flaws by others but are welcomed storytelling tools for cinematographers as they seek to transport audiences to virtual worlds.


Technical Data

Hawk V-Lite Vintage'74 Anamorphics

Hawk V-Lite Anamorphics vintage´74  – Technical Data

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.




Hawk V-Lite Vintage´74 1.3x (PDF)