Hawk V‑Lite 1.3x with a 70s Look

The modern and popular 1.3x format gets another aesthetic approach. Our latest lenses link the versatility and unique 1.30x squeeze factor of the Hawk V‑Lite 1.3x Anamorphics with the distinct 1970s look of the Hawk V‑Lite Vintage’74 Anamorphics to create the new Hawk V‑Lite 1.3x Vintage’74 Anamorphics.

The Hawk V‑Lite 1.3x lens system is one of our workhorse series for features, commercials, and television. It is robust, dependable, and produces beautiful, emotional images. These lenses have a unique squeeze factor (1.30x) that maximizes the use of the 16:9 sensor for wide-screen release and maximizes the use of the 4:3 sensor when a project requires television release format. These Hawks have been used on many films (Alice: Through the Looking Glass, Blackhat, and Focus) and television productions (Roots, Falling Waters, and Proof).

The precision and sharp contrast of modern, spherical lenses when used with powerful sensor technology provided images that did not meet the aesthetic demand of many projects. Thus, the Hawk V‑Lite Vintage’74 lens system was born. The set provides cinematographers with the signature 1970s look, complete with low contrast, flares, color aberrations, and other “flaws” with modern state-of-the-art optics and mechanics. The concept was developed with the needs of the cinematographer in mind in order to provide a “storytelling tool” with the recognizable patina of those films we love from the 1970s. These relatively new lenses have been used on many films (Bridge of Spies, John Wick, and One-Hundred Foot Journey) and recently on the television production Fear the Walking Dead

We have brought these two unique technologies together to give cinematographers new ways of using our well-tested anamorphic lens systems. Until now, the Hawk V‑Lite Vintage’74 signature 1970s look was available only with 2x anamorphics. The Hawk V‑Lite 1.3x Vintage’74 Anamorphics bring that technology to our proprietary 1.3x squeeze factor lenses. These lenses fit perfectly into our range of lenses and give cinematographers more aesthetic choices for either film or television. Currently available focal lengths include:

HAWK V‑Lite 1.3x Vintage'74
Focal Length T-Stop CFD
28mm T2.3 2’7” 0.80m
35mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
45mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
55mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
65mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
80mm T2.3 3’3” 1.00m
110mm T3.1 3’3” 1.00m
140mm T3.7 3’3” 1.00m


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Hawk V-Lite Vintage´74 1.3x (PDF)