Hawk class-X Anamorphics

The tenth line in the Hawk lens family

Calculated from scratch, and built in a strictly classic design without resorting to nontraditional methods, Hawk class-X anamorphic lenses deliver an iconic 2x anamorphic look. Built on 25 years of lens design and manufacturing experience, Hawk class-X lenses reflect the tremendous changes in filmmaking technology. This glass delivers improved definition, close focus and edge distortion while maintaining the organic look and feel of all Hawk lenses. Hawk class-X lenses are designed for today’s lossless postproduction – the generational resolution loss and imaging softening of photochemical post and printing processes are no longer a consideration. Due to these changes, clinical sharpness is not always a virtue in today’s cinema lenses. 


The Hawk class-X line includes nine prime lenses ranging from 28 mm to 140 mm, and two zooms.


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Hawk class-X (PDF)