Vantage Brussels Opens with Wim Wenders’ Submergence

November, 2016

The newly opened Vantage Brussels started operations with Wim Wender’s Submergence. This film project was shot all over the world including: France, Germany, Spain, the Faro Islands, and Djibouti. This complex job was the perfect challenge for the new office and required expert logistics, outstanding service, and dependable equipment, combined with the Vantage’s know-how on an international scale to make it all work.

When choosing a camera rental house to work with on this project, the line producer suggested Vantage since they were able to provide the array of lenses being suggested and tested for this project. Cinematographer, Benoît Debie, SBC was very happy with the decision because of Vantage’s consistent reliability and attention to detail. Andreas Teichner, Senior Director, Operations, Rentals & Key Accounts at Vantage said of the project, “we are proud to have outfitted this film as our first project in Brussels. It allowed us to show the Belgian film community the extent of our capabilities and what we can accomplish from our new facility in Brussels.”

Vantage Brussels Branch Manager, Kathleen Vancauwelaert added, “We are happy that UMedia and Mr. Stephane L’Hoest trusted in our professionalism and welcomed us to the Belgian market by offering us this challenging project.”

Cinematographer, Benoît Debie, SBC


“When working with a rental house, it is a collaboration. It is not just me shooting a movie. It is important to have a good solid rental house to help you decide how to achieve the best possible results on the project. My past experiences with Vantage’s expert level of service and high quality camera and lenses assured me that they were right the company for this project.”


“Vantage service was excellent as always. On Submergence, we had to move often and quickly, and we needed to change the configuration of the equipment at times as well. Without Vantage's professionalism and knowledge, the project would have been much more difficult to shoot. Vantage’s quick reaction time is tied to its expert people, who always work with you to find the right solution. This is critical for a DP who is deep in the field with no other choice.”


“We shot in 50°C heat on a volcano, in the oppressive humidity of the Faro Islands, and the dust, salt, sand, and storms of Djibouti.  We never had an equipment failure.” 

Benoît Debie, SBC

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