The New Hawk V‑Lite Macro

Vantage celebrates 10 Years of V-Lite Anamorphics

HAWK V‑Lite Anamorphics

Extremely small – extremely high image quality. The Hawk V‑Lite Anamorphics are unique in the sum of their features.

Hawk V‑Lite 2x Anamorphic professional cine lenses deliver the unique look and reliability of Hawk Anamorphic glass in a smaller package. The combination of their optical characteristics, robustness, user-friendliness, range of focal lengths and surprisingly small size – smaller than many commonly used spherical primes – has made them popular worldwide. 

Such a combination begins with a new design from the ground up, with a sharp eye on the factors that contribute to lens size – an important consideration for cinematographers in the field. Introduced ten years ago, the V‑Lites have set the industry standard. With low distortion and increased definition across the entire image, V‑Lites match other Hawk Anamorphics perfectly. The range of focal lengths was recently expanded to include the new Hawk V‑Lite 55 mm/ T2.2 macro lens capable of extreme close focus. Proven in the field, Hawk V‑Lites are workhorse lenses with a thoroughbred pedigree. 



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