PSU Satellite App Available

Vantage's new software turns your iPad or iPhone into a high quality wireless monitor and remote control for the PSU-3. Download for free at the App Store now

iPad or iPhone connect now to PSU

The PSU‑3X sets the standard for high-end HD digital video assist systems, delivering a powerful range of control and image quality in a tool that is compact, elegantly designed, dependable and intuitive to use. The PSU Satellite App extends that state-of-the-art flexibility to your familiar iOS device, providing handheld, portable functionality including:

- A wireless on-set monitor with audio
- A complete PSU remote control
- An additional independent wireless input source for any HDMI capable monitor (with HDMI-out on iPad/iPhone)
- A bi-directional INTERCOM system connecting the PSU‑3 and the PSU Satellite device
- PSU screen extension

The PSU Satellite is designed with the vagaries and pressures of professional production in mind. Like its mate, the PSU‑3, the Satellite is intuitive and endlessly configurable. The number of iOS devices that can be connected is limited only by Wi-Fi/WLAN bandwidth and router processing power. The bandwidth per client can be freely adjusted, with potentially as many as 60 clients viewing in SD quality. The PSU Satellite App is capable of multi-camera monitoring and playback of any recorded take. Each PSU‑3 provides two independent streams that can be configured separately for both image quality and remote control capability. Multiple PSU‑3 units network easily and intuitively, extending functionality further still. Overall latency is excellent, around 3 frames.

What's New in Version 1.01

- New message if no source is selected (Live/Disc)
- Faster connection to PSU means image is up sooner

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