MiniHawks: Proof of Performance


Recently, Vantage has greatly increased its capacity to develop and produce cine lenses: therefore, the company created multiple lens design teams working parallel on diverse projects. The HAWK65 anamorphics were the first results of this new organizational structure and are in the final stages of assembly. The MiniHawks are the next lenses nearing completion.

Vantage has found a new way to produce anamorphic lenses. Years of technical experience along with newly developed, patent-pending technology have made these lenses possible. Due to their unique construction, the MiniHawks solve problems associated with anamorphic lenses while preserving classic anamorphic characteristics; therefore, they will have a special place in the HAWK lens portfolio.

The MiniHawks have certain advantages over current technologies. They are compact, lightweight, and fast. They have super close focus capabilities, almost like macro lenses, and they are well corrected in terms of geometric distortion and have no breathing while focusing.

The MiniHawk range has eight primes and one zoom lens. Most lenses are finished and already in the cases, but Vantage has chosen not to release an incomplete series of lenses to highlight their commitment to the cinematographer. Vantage wants to ensure that the complete, fully usable lens system is ready immediately upon release.

In order to provide filmmakers with solid proof of the MiniHawks’ capabilities, a short, proof-of-concept film was produced in Los Angeles. The extensive two-day shoot delivers a comprehensive example of how these amazing lenses perform and analysis of the film was critical when fine-tuning the production version of the lenses.

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