Cover Every Angle

A first in the industry. Vantage created a system. A trio of Hawk anamorphics.

Vantage puts a system of three anamorphic sets on the map: Hawk65 large format anamorphics, MiniHawk hybrids, and the Hawk class-X 2x anamorphics. Superior engineering is a prerequisite, but a deep understanding of filmmaking technology and techniques undergird this structure of 28 matching motion picture lenses. Digital photography and the scanning of film negative mean that today’s filmmakers need not commit to a single format or aspect ratio for the entirety of a project. With that in mind, Vantage conceived a trio of interchangeable lens sets with the widest possible range of applications. A cinematographer may choose to shoot principal photography with Hawk class-X anamorphics; sweeping vistas with Hawk65 glass; and shots that require super light lenses, extreme close focus and no distortion with the MiniHawks – all the while maintaining a distinct and coherent consistency.
A first in the industry, perfectly Hawk.

MiniHawk Hybrid Anamorphics, 8 primes

Hawk class-X Anamorphics, 9 primes, 2 zooms

Hawk65 Large Format Anamorphics, 9 primes

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