Vantage Job Opportunities

Open Positions (Descriptions Below)

Vantage is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of ultra-precise motion picture lenses and digital tools and a full-service camera rental house providing equipment and service to customers worldwide.

We are seeking to fill the following positions as soon as possible.

Technical Support Camera Service

(Full time)

Responsibilities: Quality assurance, cleaning, mechanical repairs, internal test procedures.


Requirements: Flexible management of working time, willingness to travel, a team player, independent working, good English skills, valid driving license.

Please send resumes and cover letters including salary expectations to:

z.Hd. Frau Bauer
Altstrasse 9 - 92637 Weiden
Email: patrizia {-at-} vantagefilm {-dot-} com


Precision Mechanics Designer

(Full Time)

Responsibilities: Develop and design precision mechanical parts for motion picture optics. Prepare standard manufacturing blueprints. Implement experiments, take measurements, and evaluate results. Calculate design relevant properties, (e.g., strength, lifespan, wear and tear, dimensioning). Administer, assign, and plan project relevant responsibilities in cross-functional project teams.


Requirements: Mechanical Engineering/Precision Mechanics or similar academic degree or advanced engineering training with multiple years of professional work in design, high-level of proficiency using CAD Programs, e.g., SolidWorks, strong English, a team player, assertive with the ability to work under pressure, independent with a responsible work ethic.

Please send resumes and cover letters including salary expectations to:

z.Hd. Frau Bauer
Altstrasse 9 - 92637 Weiden
patrizia {-at-} vantagefilm {-dot-} com