Hawk V‑Lite16 Anamorphics 2x

These Hawks are perfect for small sensors and low grain film stock with medium ASA. Fully open (T1.5), our V‑Lite Super 16 Anamorphic lenses give you 100% more light when compared with 35mm anamorphics. Additionally, large geometric apertures create a shallow depth of field –a major characteristic of the true anamorphic look.

Hawk® Anamorphic Lenses 2x

Technical Data

Hawk V-Lite16 Anamorphics 2x SQUEEZE

Hawk V-Lite16 Anamorphics 2x SQUEEZE  – Technical Data

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.



Hawk V-Lite16 (PDF)


Hawk V-Lite16 Technical Data (PDF)